Qantas and Social Media Monitoring

Hello Readers,

This week in Enterprise 2.0 we have been focusing on social media monitoring and networking. This topic is often of particular interest for an organisation’s marketing/advertising/ PR team, in terms of being informed about their target markets online as well as what is being said about their organisation. The advantages of social media monitoring are great, with real-time data available in just a few clicks! There are a number of free social media monitoring tools available to organisations and users, two of which that I was not previously familiar with being Addictomatic and Tweetlevel.

I decided to try out these two tools to see what kind of information they presented for a Qantas and Social Mediaspecific organisation. As it is nearing the Christmas holidays and my mind is thinking about travelling and no longer having to do uni work each weekend, the organisation I have selected is Qantas Airways. The results of my experience using each website and the insights I found about Qantas are below.

Addictomatic. The website is quite easy to use from a user experience point of view, you simply type in the topic/organisation you are interested in and ta-da, you are presented with information sorted into categories, such as Bing, Youtube, Flickr, etc. I took a screen grab of the information that popped up when I did a search on Qantas.

Addictomatic and QantasWhat is interesting is that despite Qantas having an official Twitter page, they did not get any results for Twitter searches. This makes me question the reliability and accuracy of this social monitoring tool in terms of all of these different channels. If I search Qantas on Twitter, I receive thousands of hits. I also assume that if Qantas were not in the midst of a headline story having a snake found on one of their planes (The snakes on a plane jokes are already all over twitter) that the information for news searches could be quite old at times.

Tweetlevel. Again this website was very interesting to use and I didn’t have to sign up or log in to my twitter account to be able to review the results, unlike some platforms such as Tweetreach. This site lets you search for your organisation/ topic and shows the tweet ‘buzz’ or engagement for those key words, over a recent time period. I took a screen shot Tweetlevel and Qantasof the graph that was presented to me. I think this would be a particularly interesting tool if promoting a campaign, an organisation like Qantas could analyse how well it might be going depending on the buzz that is being created on those particular days.

I would recommend that every organisation engage in social media monitoring in some way and I have no doubt that a large organisation like Qantas has numerous people keeping track of what is happening and being said around their brand. Interestingly enough, I found in a news article this afternoon that Qantas is trialing watching social media conversations that happen within their lounges, check it out here.

If you’re still interested to hear more about social media monitoring, my assignment team, 4Social is hosting a Live Google Hangout Event on the topic on Tuesday 24th September 2013 at 7pm. You can join us live in the hangout or watch it on youtube at a later date.

That’s all from me for now, again I really appreciate any feedback, comments or questions you have!