Job Seekers and Social Media

Hi again Readers!

A topic that has been on my mind this week is how social media has now become a tool that can assist job seekers to find out about and apply for positions. I started thinking about this when I noticed that some brand pages are starting to advertise for positions as a status on their news feed on Facebook. I am not sure if the world will continue to head in this direction, but it is definitely an interesting idea to consider.

It is well known now that many employers looking for applicants for an advertised position will often look at social media pages of these potential applicants. Once during a phone interview the person I was speaking to actually told me that they were looking at my Facebook right at that moment. To me, that was no problem as I have most of my privacy settings activated, so I knew they could not really access anything and even if they could, I don’t have any pictures of myself twerking or doing other inappropriate activities that I would be worried about a future employer seeing.

However, statistics show that 34% of employers who search through applicant’s Facebook or other pages find inappropriate content that results in them not being Social Media and Job Performancehired. The most common ‘turn offs’ that employers found were inappropriate images or opinions, particularly to do with drinking alcohol, doing drugs or excessive foul language. This is probably fair enough, because if people have this information publicly available they should be aware that employers are looking as a pre-screening process before getting you in for an interview.

However, as web 2.0 is evolving other social media tools and not just Facebook are being used to search for and apply for new jobs. LinkedIn, is a great tool for this, particularly in terms of networking, keeping in contact with your networks and letting them know what Linked In and Social Mediayou are up to. If I wanted to, I could link this blog, my twitter and other pages to my LinkedIn page and people who are my ‘connections’ could see what I am doing that way. Also, by following organisations on LinkedIn, they often advertise when they are have positions available. A lecturer at university once told our class that if you are serious about getting a good job and networking in today’s business then you need to me on LinkedIn.

After some extensive research (or a Google search or two) I came across another tool The Job Juice Social Media Search App. An app that assists and basically teaches you what it takes to make you a more ‘presentable’ brand on social media channels for employers. Below is a screenshot within the app about building your online profile, which shows the type of things it says is important, such as how many characters your headline on Twitter should be.

Job Juice Social MediaImage Source: Job Juice

I would love to know what your opinions are about this development of social media being one of the new go-to destinations to find your next job. As always, thank you for reading my post and I appreciate any comments or feedback you have for me!