Is social media helping or hindering our lives?

Hello Readers,

I have been writing a lot of blog posts recently about how beneficial certain social media platforms are to enhance productivity and add value to our lives and an organisation’s business procedures. However, there are people who sit on the other side of the fence of this argument who say that social media is making the next generation lack in social skills and is just downright a waste of time.

Now, you probably all know where I stand. Social media I think, purely from a marketing perspective, (as for those of you who do not know, I have a bit of a marketing-lead brain), is changing the way organisations do business and for the better.  The interaction that can happen on social media is working towards Grunig and Hunt’s two-way asymmetrical two-way-communicationmodel, which in PR terms is the ‘ideal’ model of communication to create mutually beneficial relationships.

Image Source: Boadroom Metrics

Not to mention the data that can now be captured via social media platforms, such as using Facebook insights on an organisation’s page. These statistics, such as posts that are getting engagement and those that are not can often form the basis of an entire marketing campaign.

Social media is not just a useful tool for organisations to interact and inform its followers on a marketing level though, consider the 2011 Queensland floods… Both Twitter and Facebook were used during this time of disaster by emergency services like Queensland Police and Brisbane City Council to inform people of updates and warnings, but also by flood victims in need of help and during the clean up period. Statistics revealed that more than 35,000 tweets used the hashtag #qldfloods over the six days and this is not the only example of social media helping out those in need during times of crisis, particularly when phone lines or electricity have been down.

Queensland Floods and Social Media

Image Source:

I’m not saying there are not negative aspects surrounding social media that have appeared over time.  As many as 55% of organisations are now having to block social media sites from their work places to avoid employee misuse or because they are significantly reducing productivity. I can particularly relate to that when it is time to write an assignment! Also, cyber bullying, particularly for school children, is a terrible example of a result from social media and really is a huge problem that is hard to be managed in an environment like this.

I have only really just covered the very smallest tip of huge iceberg here; there are so many different perspectives and arguments surrounding this topic. I would love to hear your thoughts about this though! Facebook may not be the best tool for Superman, but is it for you? Where do you stand on this issue?

Superman and Social Media



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