Can web 2.0 really make me more productive?


Hello Readers,

I have learnt many lessons this week in the world of web 2.0 and officially believe with the tools I have tried out and researched (with particular thanks to Jason for showing us Common Craft), that I can be more productive with my uni work, work work and even social activities as a result.


First of all I wanted to have a clear definition in my mind of what exactly web 2.0 is. Some common trends that I came across that I think demonstrate the capabilities of web 2.0 are; user involvement, online networking, creativity and online collaboration. Overall I think this is well summarised by Han (2007, p. 18) who states “Web 2.0 is…a set of technologies that is helping to revolutionise how we use the web… through interaction and collaboration…”

As I mentioned I signed up to several platforms this week to broaden my experiences in web 2.0 and was particularly impressed with what I learnt in terms of my productivity with the following tools.


RSS or Really Simple Syndication was my first stop on my web 2.0 learning journey, an icon that I was familiar with from seeing it on many websites already but have always ignored it. Now, through my Feedspot, each morning when I wake up to read my favourite news sites, blogs (which I am now avidly reading) and youtube channels with the power of RSS all the information is sent to me in one easy location. I estimate that saves me approximately three minutes a day from flicking between websites, which is about 18 or so hours a year. That means I now have more time to watch videos that are sent to me like this one…


…and if that isn’t being more productive then what is?


Twitter for Business. After just rejoining twitter with a personal account, I haven’t known much about its ability to assist in productivity other than for finding out what celebrities are up to or thinking. But now, I have the mindset that twitter is an essential tool for a businesses productivity and thus mine as I could apply this in my workplace. Essentially twitter allows for instant (and obviously time saving) advice, feedback and ideas from stakeholders, not to mention through using the hashtag function the amount of knowledge and information available on a topic or about an organisation is astounding. The collaboration on twitter is easy and has to be summarised in 140 characters or less, which helps to avoid information overload in my opinion. I’ll definitely be taking these potential benefits with me and presenting them to my boss at work.

So what else did I learn this week outside the world of web 2.0? That there are people in the world that enjoy coca cola raisins.



That’s right folks at your local supermarkets you can now purchase these ‘delicious’ snacks, so if this sounds like you and I just opened your eyes to this product then that’s the power of web 2.0 right there!

If you have any suggestions for great web 2.0 tools I should try please leave me a comment or suggestion and I will try to do the same for you.


Han, S. (2011). Web 2.0 [EBL Version]. Retrieved from

Seven ways Social Media can make you more productive

Understanding Web 2.0


17 thoughts on “Can web 2.0 really make me more productive?

  1. When i see your twitter for business, it reminds me a unique way of using twitter in my home country.

    Some restaurant in my country will give you free dessert or food if you tweet the restaurant’s twitter account to your follower. Its a good business strategy that makes you as the customer happy and the restaurant to get promoted.

    This is a good post, keep up the good work 😀

    This is my blogspot please follow it if you are interested
    Thanks 🙂

    • I appreciate your comments. I think even engaging twitter for business with free giveaways for a restaurant is also a great way to interact with consumers, I am glad you gave me that example to consider. I look forward to taking a look at your blog.

  2. Having a range of current popular social network accounts is critical in establishing an online presence whether it is for a blog, product, brand or corporation. Simply it provides back links to your site from unique websites that will help you rank higher in search engines. The fact that you are engaging probably different audiences on different networks will give you a wider reach than limiting yourself on one network. Check out my blog if you want to see perhaps too many networks listed at the top of a site!

    • Hi Tom. Thank you for sharing my blog, I appreciate that. I definitely agree with you that having a variety of different accounts is important to build a strong online presence. Can you recommend any other good social networking sites to try? I look forward to reading your blog.

  3. Hi Brittany
    So I really enjoyed reading you blog. Looks like you also found some great tools to improve your personal productivity through the Commen Craft side – as did I . Been reading a lot of blogs and I must say what stroke me the most about your blog, and why I will definitely read it again, is your “tone of writing”. It is really nice, informal and makes me feel… I think “comfortable” is the best word to describe it. So keep up the good work I will surely be checking in again.
    If you have the time feel free to check out my blog as well
    Cheers, Lise

    • Hey there Lise. Thank you so much for that compliment, sometimes I worry my writing might be too ‘casual’ for some but I am glad to have a reader that likes my tone. I look forward to reading your blog.

  4. With your very friendly vibe with informative content, reading your blogs has been absolutely delightful!
    I’ve always taken RSS feeds for granted. Being reminded of it’s benefits, your blog has convinced me to get a Feedspot and get a little more up to date with the technology we have.
    Twitter is another thing that has always phased me, though now I better understand the benefits for those that are using it.

    • Hi there. Thanks once again for these great comments- it’s wonderful hearing that I have convinced you to get a Feedspot, it is saving me time every day now. Let me know if you need any help with it? I look forward to looking at your blog 🙂

  5. I enjoyed your writing style and humour and found your Blog informative. The point you made on time saving with RSS and Feedspot was interesting, and I will be looking further into this. It is important for business to be looking at a wide range of social media to capture a varied scope of watchers to increase their productivity/sales.

    • Hi there! Thank you for your comments and compliments, I am glad you found my blog informative while still being able to appeal to reader’s in a humourous way. I would definitely recommend looking at Feedspot, it is definitely saving me time!

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