What makes a blog a success?

Dear readers,

First of all, thank you for taking the time to read my blog out of the 68, 776, 011 other blog sites that WordPress has on record at this very minute in time.

Now straight to the point. My task for this week in my Enterprise 2.0 class is to discuss what I believe makes a successful blog and to introduce my blogging strategy. Easier said than done.

To be honest I cannot draw on any past experiences of my own to help me here, even though I currently work in a social media and digital marketing role. In my 13 or so years experience online, I have only attempted to write one other blog. The strategy for this aforementioned blog was, in a nut shell to whinge about my life in what I believed was a very witty fashion and post ‘relevant’ memes, like the one below. I only ever showed it to a friend and then promptly deleted it.


From what I have learnt in class, in combination with some reading of blogs about ‘how to make a successful blog’, this has opened my eyes to some important aspects a blog should have and how I can apply these in my blogging strategy.

  1. Build a relationship and be part of the community- Comments and contribution should be encouraged for my readers, and I will also strive to use social media websites to help promote my entries and to maybe gain some readership outside my Enterprise 2.0 class.
  2. Keep it simple and relevant- I myself do not want to have to search for information on someone’s blog page, so it’s important to maintain a simplistic style and layout to my entries while ensuring that my content does not go too far off topic. If someone has come to read about my knowledge and learning’s in Enterprise 2.0 they most likely don’t want to hear me rant on about how cute my miniature dachshund is…
  3. Post frequently- There’s no way to maintain a readership if a blog is not updated.

I don’t read too many blogs (I’m on a mission to change that!), but two examples of which that I think encapsulate the above ideals and are extremely relevant to their particular contexts are:

  • Digital Buzz Blog– this is a marketing and advertising blog that is updated daily with the latest in marketing news, campaigns, social media tips, etc. I find the blog is easy to navigate and is well linked to other social media platforms of theirs, which is how I stumbled across it in the first place.
  • Veronica Roth’s Blog– As a successful young-adult book writer, Veronica started her blog in college before she began writing her now-published book series. While I don’t read this blog as often now as it is mainly focused on promoting her books, originally her original thoughts and humour, mixed with writing tips and a genuine interest in building a relationship with her readers kept me interested.

Hopefully with a combination of these strategies and tips I will be able to hone in and refine my skills as an effective blogger! That’s all from me for now, please leave a comment or suggestion for me and I’ll be sure to try and do the same for you.


19 thoughts on “What makes a blog a success?

  1. nice meme 😀
    I agree with the three aspects ,especially number 2. Like Mr Jason said, we only have like three seconds to catch attention from the readers.

  2. I agree with you about the three main strategies you are intending to follow. Building a relationship with the community is especially important – after all, this interactivity is what make a blog a blog, as opposed to traditional printed media, where the communication is ‘one-way’ only.

    Please check out my first post too, I’m curious what you think:



    • I appreciate your comments- I definitely agree that this is a fantastic two-way communication medium, I mean look at the feedback I have gained from you already. I look forward to reading your blog 🙂

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  4. Great blog, I definitely agree with you on posting frequently otherwise you won’t be able to maintain your audience. Keep it up and I look forward to reading your next blogs!

  5. +1 agree with your blogging strategies, and you know what, simple but useful content is one of the most useful weapons in blogging. But I do believe some useful functions could let visitors to participate more. 😉 BTW, nice first post, I don’t like compare but welcome you to visiting mine.

  6. It’s always hard to start blogging as you really need to be dedicated and have a passion for it to post regularly. I too have briefly attempted to blog before but it went nowhere. This time around I am using it towards building up my online CV so hopefully that drives me to continue. Hope to read more of your posts in the coming weeks.

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  8. Nicely done, short and sweet!
    An easy read, good use of that picture and you didn’t ramble. I’ve always found it hard to move away from each subject. Your blog has really inspired me to work on my faults and write better blogs of my own.

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